Homoeopathy cures the sick person and not just the disease. It has its supremacy of curing diseases from its roots. This implies that many chronic diseases which are seen running in families (genetic) can be treated by Homoeopathy e.g. diabetes, hypertension, asthma, cancer etc.It is a fast acting medicine and in the last 200 years, time has tested this science.

It stood the test of time in the treatment of acute and chronic illnesses of various natures. Its holistic approach is the hallmark of Homoeopathy, which has made it a curative, preventive and palliative science (depending upon the disease condition and patients susceptibility).

Homoeopathy treats the person by building his susceptibility towards the disease. This means that his adaptation to internal and external environment gets better i.e. the level of awareness improves. We see that homoeopathy builds up an intelligent system thus making it healthy and self-reliant. The popularity of Homoeopathy is due to its simplicity in administering (sugar pills) the medicine. It has no known side effects and is extremely cost effective when compared to the other systems of medicine.

Why Hopmoeopathy ?

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